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Pink Peony Calligraphy - Cultivating Hospitality One Invitation At A Time!

Elegantly addressed personal invitations show your guests how honored you are to have them attend your special event. 

Pink Peony Calligraphy provides:

  • attentive and responsive personal service

  • timesaving assistance

  • simplified event planning

  • guidance in proper etiquette for addressing envelopes

Envelope Addressing
Pink Envelopes

Envelope Addressing

  • Are you concerned about how you will get all the invitations addressed for your big event?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of invitations that need to be sent?

  • Are you uncertain about proper etiquette in addressing your guests?

Beautiful calligraphy - hand-addressed envelopes - time-saving service

     We will discuss the services you need and how I will be able to help you prepare for your event.  We will talk about your timeline for sending your save the dates or invitations. And we can plan on the level of assembly you want to do yourself.

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Send Guest List


After receiving your preliminary guest list, I will draft a mailing list that includes proper titles and full addresses as well as familiar names for inner envelopes. After your final edits, approval, and delivery of envelopes and any accessories for assembly I will start working.


Now sit back and relax - the most difficult decision of who will be attending your celebration is completed!

Once your guest list is finalized and envelopes and supplies arrive, I can begin working on properly addressing the envelopes, assembling your beautiful invitation suites and delivering them to you on time for you to mail. 

stack of letters  (clipping path included).jpeg
envelopes transparent on the table sealed with sealing wax_edited.jpg
AdobeStock_476434389 packing box.jpeg



It is important to me that you know in advance how much these services are so you can appropriately budget. Be sure to consider how important your peace-of-mind is when you have your guest list completed, as well as the time you will be able to spend with your family before your big day instead of fretting over proper etiquette and wasting envelopes due to errors.
Your time and serenity are priceless during this time of celebration. 
Below is our current price list.

Schedule a Free Consultation
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